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Secret 3:
Support in obtaining money with "NO OBLIGATION TO PAY BACK"

99% of companies in Japan are small and medium size companies; there are only 26.1% of them with profit. Over 70% of those small and medium companies are in deficit.
In order to sustain the operation of the company, one must consistently generate profit.
So how should we do it?
A company must become a strong and good entity. And there are three secrets in making the entity strong and good.

The third secret is the support of the governments in various measures to realize the secret 1 and 2. A company can receive money called "grant" which requires no payback. Small and medium size companies are always short of people, goods, and money. One may raise money through banks, but loan needs to be paid back, whereas grants are the available money requiring no return.
One of our goals is how to receive the government grants and required modifications needed to make in company regulation and provisions in order to receive them.