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Secret 2:
Support in making a "GOOD" company

99% of companies in Japan are small and medium size companies; there are only 26.1% of them with profit. Over 70% of those small and medium companies are in deficit.
In order to sustain the operation of the company, one must consistently generate profit.
So how should we do it?
A company must become a strong and good entity. And there are three secrets in making the entity strong and good.

Secondly, a company must be a good entity. A company must dedicate itself to the society based on the policy and philosophy of the proprietor; a company aiming profit only will not last long. A company must produce customer satisfaction, improve and refine their life and provide a place for employee to enjoy working. Work-life balance is one of the strong weapons in the growth of the entity.
A company must support people within and around to have fulfilling life; provision of child care support to the staff, participation in local municipal activities, or building a good relationship with surrounding neighbors, these are the things which lead to improvement of the work.
We will work with you on various issues in regard to this matter.

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