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Secret 1:
Support in making a "STRONG" company

99% of companies in Japan are small and medium size companies; there are only 26.1% of them with profit. Over 70% of those small and medium companies are in deficit.
In order to sustain the operation of the company, one must consistently generate profit.
So how should we do it?
A company must become a strong and good entity. And there are three secrets in making the entity stronger and better.

First of all, the company must be strong; that is, a company must be able to respond with the change in the management environment. The unexpected occurs everyday in business climate; one must build a quality within to cope with such events. To do so, a company must have its operation at low cost. And the business must practice in the field on the growth.

This means when the north wind doth blow, you need to have strength so you would not catch cold immediately. With the strength in you, even if people around you are sneezing, you would not infected and hit the sack.

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