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Management Policy

Japan is in maturation. It has become difficult task to persistently keep managing a company, especially for a proprietor from overseas. In the society of increasing of aging and falling birthrate, we need to have a view of the business climate somewhat different from a conventional way. Under such circumstance, proprietors of foreign origin have important meanings to our society.

We are in business of advising to establish a "stronger and better company", for steady management on long term basis, not for a profit only oriented entity. A strong company will not be swung by the shift in the economy; a low cost operation and practicing in the field of growth are the key words in dependability and success of the management. A good company consistently devotes itself to the society, making improvements and reformation to the life of customers, and constantly refines the management policies for establishment of a reliable business entity where people enjoy working.

We help and support on issues from management in general, intricate local system, to sustaining of entity with fine work-life balance for the local employee to enjoy working, and to survive in Japanese market with creation of strong and good company.


Eikou Watanabe
Representative Director