A company must be "strong and good" to persistently manage it.

In order to achieve our future goals, there must be a rigid management policy derived from the proprietor's unyielding passion for the management.
Being strong means being firm against the budge in the economic climate, having the low operation cost, and the business being in a growing market sector.
Being good means establishing of an entity where every employee is fulfilled with, making improvements, and to be innovative in the daily working environment.
Small and medium size companies must fully utilize the government grant. Employer must also provide measures on daily impediments of the workers. We will support on these issues for you.

Three Secrets on how to successfully manage a company in Japan

Secret 1:
Support in making a "STRONG" company

First of all, the company must be strong; that is, a company must be able to respond with the change in the management environment.
The unexpected occurs everyday in business climate; one must build a quality within to cope with it.

Secret 2:
Support in making a "GOOD" company

Secondly, a company must be a good entity. A company must dedicate itself to the society based on the policy and philosophy of the proprietor; a company aiming profit only will not last long.

Secret 3:
Support in obtaining money with "NO OBLIGATION TO PAY BACK"

The third secret is the support of the governments in various measures to realize the secret 1 and 2.
A company can receive money called grant which requires no payback.

What's New

Foundation Grants:
We are requsted to assist to get goverment grants of foundation grants by non Japanese and Japanese women

Development of new products and services Grants:
We are requsted to assist to get goverment grants of Development of new products and services support.


We are authorized as a SME (The small and Medium Enterprise Agency )suppoter of Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry (Mar.21.2013) Link (English)


Partner Consultant, Makoto Fukue was interviewed in the a series Kishutachino Aria a by "Nikkei Business". (Jan. 2013)


"Work-life balance of small and medium enterprises is urgent,"written by N.MATSUURA,was awarded a special prize by Japan Managemen t Consultants Association. (Jun. 2012)

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"Work-Life Balance, the new way of management to strengthen the company" (Toyama Pref. Tonami Junior Chamber International Japan, July 2011)

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"Hands-on staff training with industrial-academic cooperation" (Ministry of Education and Technology Supportive Program Aug. 2010 ~ Feb. 2011) Proposal of work-life balance as a cooperative committee member (Chuo College Group, Gunma Pref.)

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"Small enterprise that dedicates itself as a supplement to the daily living" (Jan. 2011)

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"Work-life balance is to become your own producer" (Jan. 2011)

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A visit to the member company, Salad Cosmo Ltd. in Gifu Pref.
~ The mission & economic sense ~ The strength and lure observed in Salad Cosmo (Nov. 2, 2010)

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"Koyusho" (Nikkei Newspaper Jan. 14, 2009) to talk about Eikou Watanabe

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"Family Satisfaction" - Making Stronger and Better Company
Submitted to "The 66th Annual National Efficiency Competition" held by All Japan Federation of Management Organizations (Jan. 2008)